Monday, January 23, 2012

Sigma Brushes

hello guys so if you havent heard about sigma brushes i dont know what planet your living on lol jk  :) 
i love this brushes there really good hand made brushes i bought the essential kit which comes with twelve professional quality brushes  you need for the face and eyes  it has your  
1.eye liner brush 
2.pencil brush
3. tapered blending brush
4.eye shadow brush 
5. large shader brush 
6.small angle brush
7.medium angle shader brush
8.large powder brush 
9. large angle contour brush 
10.duo fibre brush 
11. foundation brush 
12. concealer brush

12 brushes for $89.99 

 i  def recommend this :) 
check your youtube for reviews and website  sigmabeauty

wish list for FEB

hello guys omg i seriously have been wanting a Hollywoood mirror since forever and have been putting it off for i dont know how long i think its time to get it together and hopefully Feb ill have it. I havent seen one anywhere so like most people i am going to have to build one on my own! with the help of my dad of course :) 

i know ikea has it all 

and you just have to buy the light bulbs separately ikea has them for 2 pack for $6.99

 the mirror you can also get that at ikea 

so there you have it :) 

the belt im so excited i am waiting for a website called Shop Dear Monday to come back on feb they are not taking orders for december and january so hopefully they will have it when they comeback up the belt was only $20.00 not bad right ? 

the picture above is from another website called saboskirt i havent bought any of there stuff but i love everything they have i will be purchasing something soon :) the belt on there web is $38.00  i like to save a couple bucks .$$$$

Jessy Birthday


zaira and I
zaira. nat . and me
Friday the 20th was one of my best friends birthday doesn't she look so beautiful :) im a little late on uploading pics -____-  but there here now!!  i promised myself i would post as much as i can this year but anyways friday was interesting !! :) a lot happened dont know even where to start but not getting into that . i just hope she had a good time while it lasted .love you jessy 

P.S i also hate what i was wearing i dont know why i didn't wear what i had bought  oh well save it for next time i go out :) 

hello kitty case final decision

hello guys so i have been wanting a case for my phone and i loved the hello kitty hard case i dont like the silicone one looks weird idk to me i guess but regardless of what i think i just want you all to know there is a hard case one and silicone. here is the pic of both to compare i bought mine on ebay  :)

this the one i selected ^ 

vintage hair style

i was bored on saturday and decided to do my hair like this for no reason cause i didn't go anywhere but had fun dressing up (for no reason) lol all i did was curl it inwards and  pin each curl with bobby pins and comb my fingers through my hair and thats it didn't use hair spray or anything because i was going to bed but i would have to do this again and do it better :) 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Polka Dot

shirt: vintage
Necklace: F21
pants: Target
shoes: Target (plain black flats)

on new years eve

blazer: F21
shirt: Burlington
Bow: made by me
skirt: F21
Shoes: Bakers